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Noreena Hertz, best-selling author and chief economics correspondent at ITV talks about some of the challenges of life and how she has tried to learn and grow through these experiences. Her advice is to see challenges as part of the rich tapestry of life, rather than something that will destroy you! See how she handles the challenge of being taught a series of Chinese words relating to challenge and challenging herself, by ShaoLan.

The word for challenge is 挑戰. The word 挑 shows someone carrying something on their shoulder, the second word 戰 means war or battle. So, if you take on the battle, then you take on the challenge 挑戰!

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挑戰 / 挑战
tiǎo zhàn
To take on something
Fight, war
戰 / 战
Challenge you
挑戰你 / 挑战你
tiǎo zhàn nǐ
Challenge myself
挑戰自我 / 挑战自我
tiǎo zhàn zì wǒ
I love challenging myself.
我愛挑戰自我 / 我爱挑战自我
wǒ ài tiǎo zhàn zì wǒ

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