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If you were told that the way to a healthy lifestyle was to eat well, move more, stress less and love more, would you believe it? Dean Ornish talks with ShaoLan about how 40 years of research has led him to use hi-tech scientific methods to prove the value of ancient wisdom with regards to diet and lifestyle. He proposes that simple lifestyle changes and eating food that is as close to its natural state as possible can bring about significant improvements in a person’s well-being, while lowering the risks of contracting many serious diseases.

The word 飲 means drink and the word 食 means food, so 飲食/饮食 means “drink and food” or “diet.”

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Healing through diet

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飲食 / 饮食
yǐn shí
To drink
飲 / 饮
To eat
Balance diet
飲食均衡 / 饮食均衡
yǐn shí jūn héng
Pretty mom
辣媽 / 辣妈
là mā
Pretty woman
là mèi

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