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Creator of the amazing app “Service”, which helps people around the globe solve any kind of service related questions, Michael Schneider learns how to say the Chinese word for “question.”

Do you know what question is mostly asked by teachers?

That is 有沒有問題 / 有没有问题 (yǒu méi yǒu wèn tí)?

In this episode, you can also learn some extra words, such as “I have questions,” ” No problem,” “customer” and “wisdom.”

yǒu méi yǒu wèn tí?


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問題 / 问题
wèn tí
To ask
問 / 问
Question as a noun
題 / 题
Big problem
大問題 / 大问题
dà wèn tí
Small problem
小問題 / 小问题
xiǎo wèn tí
zhì huì
I have questions.
我有問題 / 我有问题
wǒ yǒu wèn tí
kè hù
No question, no problem
沒問題 / 沒问题
méi wèn tí

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