091 What Do You Want?

要不要 (yào bú yào), which means “What do you want?” is a very useful phrase that you can learn for everyday conversation. In China, 要不要 (yào bú yào) is used often when shopping or when people offers something to you. A more literal break down of the word translates to “Do you want it? 要? or no, you don’t want it? 不要?”

In this episode, Transition band drummer Josh learns how to ask and answer the question “What do you want?”


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What do you want?
yào bú yào
Don't want
bú yào
No, thanks.
不要,謝謝 / 不要,谢谢
bú yào, xiè xie
I would like
wǒ xiǎng yào

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