065 I Have Caught A Cold

Want to let people know you aren’t feeling well? In this episode of Talk Chineasy, learn to say “I have caught a cold” in Chinese. Special guest Jesse Edbrooke from Transition band has gone the extra mile and actually caught one!

ShaoLan teaches how to express your sympathy to your friend who’s not feeling well by saying 保重 (bǎo zhòng) “get well.”

The character 冒 (mào) in the word 感冒  (gǎn mào) is actually related to the phrase “taking a risk.” Learn its etymology with ShaoLan in this lesson.

When you are not feeling well, you should also learn how to say “see a doctor” in Chinese.


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Catch a cold
gǎn mào
To take a risk
冒險 / 冒险
mào xiǎn
I caught a cold
Wǒ gǎn mào le.
You caught a cold
Nǐ gǎn mào le.
Did you catch a cold?
你感冒了嗎? / 你感冒了吗?
nǐ gǎn mào le ma?
Get well
bǎo zhòng

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