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The amazing Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global, explores the ancient Chinese wisdom about resting better in order to make the most of our waking life. ShaoLan teaches her the Chinese for “sleep” and the frequently used expressions to say to your Chinese friends, such as “sleep more!” and “go to sleep!”

去 (qù) means “to go.”

多 (duō) means “more.”

多睡覺/多睡觉 (duō shuì jiào) means “sleep more.”

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睡覺 / 睡觉
shuì jiào
Sleep as a noun
shuì mián
To go
Go to sleep
去睡覺 / 去睡觉
qù shuì jiào
Sleep more
多睡覺 / 多睡觉
duō shuì jiào
many, much, more

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