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Shalini Khemka, as well as being an advisor to the Mayor of London, a judge for a number of different business awards, is also the CEO of E2Exchange, a business that she started in 2011, which had the idea of helping other entrepreneurs to not make the same kinds of mistakes that she made when starting her first business. She felt that one of the key things that new entrepreneurs need, but often lack, is advice and expertise from more experienced people in a similar field. As Shalini explains, it can often be hard for people to admit and share their mistakes with others (publicly or privately), but by providing a platform where entrepreneurs are willing to do this, then the benefit for those who are starting out is priceless. ShaoLan teaches the Chinese word for “start up” as well as some other words that are all formed around the Chinese character for “create.” Once again, an easy starting point to learn a whole group of words!

The way to say “start up” in Chinese is 創業/创业. The first character 創/创 means “to create” and the second character 業/业 means “business,” so when you “create business” you are starting a new business, “a start up” 創業/创业!

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Start up
創業 / 创业
chuàng yè
To create
創 / 创
業 / 业
創業家 / 创业家
chuàng yè jiā
創意 / 创意
chuàng yì
創新 / 创新
chuàng xīn
Business person, businessmen
shēng yì rén

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