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How many email newsletters do you receive in a day? Or in a week? Gina Pell, the founder of “The What,” learns the word for “subscribe” in Chinese as she talks with ShaoLan about the incredible growth of “The What” from humble beginnings as a blog style written piece for friends, to the global newsletter that it has become with millions of subscribers. Gina also shares some tips for other startups and even combines the word for “The What” in Chinese with the word “to subscribe”!

The Chinese word is 訂閱/订阅, 訂/订 which means “to book” or “to order” and 閱/阅 means “to read” so 訂閱/订阅 “to book a read” or “to subscribe.”

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To subscribe
訂閱 / 订阅
dìng yuè
To order
訂 / 订
To read
閱 / 阅
To engage
訂婚 / 订婚
dìng hūn
雜誌 / 杂志
zá zhì
Subscribe to the magazine
訂閱雜誌 / 订阅杂志
dìng yuè zá zhì
報紙 / 报纸
bào zhǐ
Subscribe to the newspaper
訂閱報紙 / 订阅报纸
dìng yuè bào zhǐ

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