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It is said that in the 21st century there are two main languages that everyone needs to know. The first is Chinese and the second is the coding language! Jennifer Pahlka is the founder of “Code for America,” an organization which is bringing groups of coders together to work with the government to try to digitize government services. The goal is to make government services simpler, more cost-effective, more respectful and accessible for ordinary people. Quite a goal! ShaoLan teaches Jennifer the Chinese words for “coding” along with some other relevant technological terms which, being quite modern words in the Chinese language, have actually borrowed from English in their creation.

The word for “coding” in Chinese is 程式. The first word 程 means “formula”, “sequence” or “procedure”, while the second character 式 means “style,” “pattern” or “type.” So the pattern of sequencing is “coding” 程式.

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chéng shì
Formula, procedure
Pattern, style
To write
寫 / 写
Coding, programming
寫程式 / 写程式
xiě chéng shì

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