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Chase Jarvis, an award-winning photographer and the CEO of Creative Live, comes on the show to talk with ShaoLan about this platform. ‘Creative Live’ is a live streaming education company, specifically aimed at providing top quality classes live online from world experts in their fields, available globally, focussing on the areas of creativity, such as photography, entrepreneurship, music and many other fields. ShaoLan even goes as far as to say that Creative Live is saving the world, so listen in to her explanation to find out how!

In Chinese, 創意/创意 means “creativity.” 創/创 means “to create” or “to breakthrough” and 意 is your “idea” or “feeling,” so “to create” with your own “ideas” is to have “creativity”! 直播 means “live stream” and is made up of 直 which means “straight” or “direct” and 播 which means “broadcast.” The “direct broadcast” is the “livestream.”

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Visionary photographer, fine artist and entrepreneur

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創意 / 创意
chuàng yì
To create
創 / 创
zhí bō
Direct, straight
To broadcast
Creative livestream
創意直播 / 创意直播
chuàng yì zhí bō

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