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Ralph Simon is known as the “Godfather of ringtones” and is also the chief executive of Mobillion Global, the first company in the world (outside of Japan and South Korea) to provide an international ringtone service, gaining music copyrights from song-writers and transporting the songs onto the mobile platform. He talks with ShaoLan about his experience in this field, while also learning the Chinese word for “ringtone” and other related words such as “doorbell.”

The word for ringtone in Chinese is 鈴聲/铃声 which is made up of 鈴/铃 which means “bell” and 聲/声 which simply means “sound” so the 鈴聲/铃声 is the “bell sound” or the “ringtone.”

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Father of the ring tone

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鈴聲 / 铃声
líng shēng
Small bell
鈴 / 铃
聲 / 声
門鈴 / 门铃
mén líng
Mobile ringtone
手機鈴聲 / 手机铃声
shǒu jī líng shēng

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