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Shalini Khemka is today‘s guest and as well as being an advisor to the Mayor of London and the CEO of E2Exchange, another hat she wears is as a judge on several business panels, including “The Great British Entrepreneurship Awards.” ShaoLan teaches her how to say “judge” in Chinese, which can describe a person (such as a judge on a TV singing competition) or the verb “to judge.” Shalini shares with ShaoLan about some of the trends that she’s noticed from judging these awards, such as which kinds of businesses have been growing well in the past few years and what makes them stand out!

The word for “judge” in Chinese is 評審/评审. The first character 評/评 means “to give both sides of an argument” or “to tell both sides.” The second character 審/审 shows an animal’s foot under a roof, and actually means “investigation” because the animal footprint in the house needs to be investigated! Together then, “to look at both sides of the investigation” is “to judge” 評審/评审.

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評審 / 评审
píng shěn
To comment
評 / 评
To investigate
審 / 审
Jury, panel of judges
評審團 / 评审团
píng shěn tuán
A group of people
團 / 团

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