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Shalini Khemka is today’s guest and as well as being an advisor to the Mayor of London, she is the CEO of E2Exchange (E2E), an organization that brings entrepreneurs together and looks to facilitate business growth by helping provide access to expertise, mentoring and even investment, usually through the connecting of the right people together!

To be a member of E2Exchange you need to be invited, and to be invited you need to be a founder of a successful business. However, if you’re feeling left out then don’t worry because ShaoLan teaches the Chinese word for “member,” which can apply to any kind of group. In fact, don’t just learn how to describe yourself as a member of a gym, or supermarket reward scheme, but also learn how to describe those pieces of plastic that fill your wallet, membership cards!

 The Chinese word for “member” is 會員/会员. The first character 會/会 means “to meet” or “to assemble” and the second character /员 means “employee,” so to be part of the “meeting of employees” is to be a “member” 會員/会员.



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會員 / 会员
huì yuán
To assemble, to meet, to gather
會 / 会
員 / 员
Member countries
會員國 / 会员国
huì yuán guó
Membership card
會員卡 / 会员卡
huì yuán kǎ

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