347 Father Christmas

Did you believe in Father Christmas as a child? Jesse Edbrooke continues a Christmas theme with ShaoLan as they teach how to say “Father Christmas” and Jesse reveals that his parents never let him believe in Father Christmas because they wanted him to show gratitude to the right people for all his presents!

In a true Chinese way, the conversation about “Father Christmas” quickly turns to a conversation about food and what families in the west traditionally eat at Christmas when compared to Chinese families at Chinese New Year! However, while the food may be different, the points of family coming together to celebrate love and generosity together are very similar!

The Chinese word for “Father Christmas” is 聖誕老公公/圣诞老公公. The first character 聖/圣 means “saint” and the second character 誕/诞 means “to be born.” Together these two characters mean “Christmas.” The third character 老 means “old” and the final characters 公公 means “old man” or “Grandfather,” so all together we have “Christmas old Grandfather” 聖誕老公公/圣诞老公公!

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Father Christmas
聖誕老人 / 圣诞老人
shèng dàn lǎo rén
聖誕 / 圣诞
shèng dàn
聖 / 圣
Birth, give birth
誕 / 诞
Christmas festival
聖誕節 / 圣诞节
shèng dàn jié
Old person
lǎo rén
禮物 / 礼物
lǐ wù

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