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Eleanor Olcott is now a language student in Taipei, studying Chinese! She used to be able to speak Japanese when she was young, but lost most of the language ability when she moved to the UK. She describes having a “language-shaped hole” in her heart, which she decided to fill by going to Taipei to study Mandarin Chinese! ShaoLan teaches her the word for “because” in Chinese and they use it in different circumstances to demonstrate how it can be used, both by itself and as a specific grammar structure alongside the Chinese for “therefore.”

The way to say “because” in Chinese is 因為/因为, where the first character  means “reason” or “cause” and the second character 為/为 means “to serve.” Together, it simply means “because” 因為/因为.

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因為 / 因为
yīn wèi
Reason, cause
To serve as
為 / 为
為什麼 / 为什么
wèi shén me
To learn
學 / 学
zhōng wén
Why do you want to learn Chinese?
為什麼你要學中文?/ 为什么你要学中文?
wèi shén me nǐ yào xué zhōng wén?
I want to learn Chinese because ...
我要學中文,因為 / 我要学中文,因为
wǒ yào xué zhōng wén yīn wèi
Because I like Chinese food
因為我喜歡中國菜 / 因为我喜欢中国菜
yīn wèi wǒ xǐ huān zhōng guó cài
As a result, therefore
suǒ yǐ
As a result/therefore, I learn Chinese
所以我學中文 / 所以我学中文
suǒ yǐ wǒ xué zhōng wén

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