Eleanor Olcott

Student, Writer

Ellie has just graduated from Cambridge University, having studied Politics and Sociology. She wanted to learn a new language before starting work, and after a summer spent English in Shanghai, decided Chinese was a good option. She used Chineasy as a tool to help her start learning Chinese whilst also undertaking her final year at university. She is currently living in Taipei doing an intensive course in Mandarin at the International Chinese Language Programme.


Having studied Politics and Sociology

Eleanor Olcott's Chineasy Story

Chineasy was incredibly helpful for me starting out with Chinese. I needed to get some Chinese under my belt before applying to language schools but found it difficult to motivate myself to consistently learn Chinese alongside my degree. The technological and visual sophistication offered by the Chineasy technology and books meant that learning a few new characters each day was not a laborious, but rather a fun and exciting process. I’m a visual learner, so having Chineasy assign meaning to the characters through their graphic design was incredibly helpful. The Chineasy books then lead me to the podcasts, which I still listen to on a regular basis in Taipei. Listening to ShaoLan’s Chinese is great for anyone looking to pick up useful Chinese phrases, and to say them in the correct tones!