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Do you know where the world‘s longest bridges are located? Eleanor Olcott is a Chinese student, studying Mandarin Chinese at National Taiwan University in Taipei and today she calls in to the Chineasy studio to discuss bridges with ShaoLan. Before going to study Chinese in Taipei, Eleanor studied at Cambridge University, which not only includes the Chinese word for “bridge” in its name, but it is a place famous for its bridges. On a grander scale, ShaoLan reveals which are the two longest bridges in the world, and then goes on to tell an interesting story about how London Bridge was relocated to a small town in Arizona!

The way to say “bridge“ in Chinese is 橋/桥. If you want to describe more specific types of the bridge then just add a descriptive word in front of 橋/桥, such as a big bridge 大橋/大桥, small bridge 小橋/小桥, suspension bridge 吊橋/吊桥 and more!



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橋 / 桥
Small bridge
小橋 / 小桥
xiǎo qiáo
Big bridge
大橋 / 大桥
dà qiáo
Suspension or rope bridge
吊橋 / 吊桥
diào qiáo
劍橋 or 康橋 / 剑桥 or 康桥
jiàn qiáo or kāng qiáo
劍 / 剑
University of Cambridge
劍橋大學 / 剑桥大学
jiàn qiáo dà xué
長 / 长
Long bridge
長橋 / 长桥
cháng qiáo
This bridge
這座橋 / 这座桥
zhè zuò qiáo
這 / 这
The measure word for buildings and bridges
Very long
好長 / 好长
hǎo cháng
Very short
hǎo duǎn
London Bridge
倫敦大橋 / 伦敦大桥
lún dūn dà qiáo
倫敦 / 伦敦
lún dūn

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