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Lea Tarnowski is the co-founder & COO of Averon, a cybersecurity company which is looking to build a new standard for digital identity. They are currently live in the USA and are looking to go global in the near future. To be a founder is not easy as it requires not just creativity, but also leadership skills and the ability to communicate and enthuse others, while at the same time not be risk-averse. Lea advises that nobody has all the skills to be a successful founder on their own, so on top of being passionate about your vision, actually having a good team is probably the most important thing when setting out! ShaoLan teaches the words for “founder” and “co-founder” and explains some of the Chinese ideas behind the words, which have special relevance to Lea’s company which she says is based on Buddhist values of love and compassion.

In Chinese, the way to say “founder” is 創辦人/创办人. The first character /创 means “to create,” the second character /办 means “to manage” or “to deal with”, the third character  means “person.” So the person who is a “creative manager/leader” is the “founder” 創辦人/创办人.

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創辦人 / 创办人
chuàng bàn rén
To establish
創辦 / 创办
chuàng bàn
To create
創 / 创
To manage, to deal with
辦 / 办
共同創辦人 / 共同创办人 /
gòng tóng chuàng bàn rén
Common, to share

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