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Sylvia Cruz is the Vice President of Finance and Strategy for EF Education First, as well as taking care of three young children, which means that when she is able to, she spends a lot of time in her local park with the children. ShaoLan teaches her the Chinese word for “park”, which then makes it easy to learn the words for some famous parks in Chinese, such as “Boston Common,” “Central Park” or “Yellowstone National Park,” which all use the same Chinese word to describe the “park” element. Quite apart from the sense of nature only, ShaoLan also explains the how the second part of the word for park is used to describe a nursery/kindergarten!

The Chinese word for “park” is very logical, it is 公園/公园, where the first character means “public” and the second character means “garden,” so the “public garden” is “the park.” Once again, to specify which kind of park you are talking about, just add other characters beforehand, such as 小公園/小公园 “little park,” 國家公園/国家公园 “National Park” or 中央公園/中央公园 “Central Park.”

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公園 / 公园
gōng yuán
Public, common
園 / 园
Flower garden
花園 / 花园
huā yuán
Nursery school, kindergarten
幼兒園 / 幼儿园
yòu ér yuán
幼兒 / 幼儿
yòu ér
Central Park
中央公園 / 中央公园
zhōng yāng gōng yuán
Boston Common
波士頓公園 / 波士顿公园
bō shì dùn gōng yuán
Hyde Park
海德公園 / 海德公园
hǎi dé gōng yuán
Yellowstone National Park
黃石公園 / 黃石公园
huáng shí gōng yuán
Country, national
國家 / 国家
guó jiā
National Park
國家公園 / 国家公园
guó jiā gōng yuán

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