185 Baseball

Did you know that a long time ago, baseball was banned in China? 

Adam Grossman, the Chief Marketing Officer of The Red Sox, comes on the show to discuss baseball with ShaoLan. He talks about how Major League Baseball from the US has been reaching into Asia and particularly putting more resources into the development of the sport in China (as the ban was lifted in 1976). Some players have even been able to come directly from the minor league roles in China to the MLB itself in the USA!

In Chinese, the word for baseball is 棒球, which is a bit different from the English because  means “bat” and  means “ball” so “bat ball” is the Chinese way of saying “baseball.”

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bàng qiú
To hit
Play baseball
dǎ bàng qiú
Open space
場 / 场
Baseball pitch
棒球場 / 棒球场
bàng qiú chǎng
Baseball team
棒球隊 / 棒球队
bàng qiú duì
Baseball player
棒球員 / 棒球员
bàng qiú yuán

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