190 Red Sox

Adam Grossman, the Chief Marketing Officer of The Red Sox, comes on the show to discuss baseball with ShaoLan. His role at Red Sox is actually especially unusual as he grew up supporting a rival team from Cleveland, but since joining Red Sox, has spent over 15 years there in different roles, helping the team to grow into one of America’s biggest! ShaoLan takes the challenge as far as possible to teach Adam how to say “Red Sox home run” all in one go!

In Chinese 紅襪隊/红袜队 is made up of 紅/红 which means “red,” 襪/袜 which means “socks” and 隊/队 which means team,”  so 紅襪隊/红袜队 is the “red socks team” or Red Sox.

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Red Sox
紅襪 / 红袜
hóng wà
紅 / 红
Socks, stocking
襪 / 袜
White socks
白襪 / 白袜
bái wà
popular person
紅人 / 红人
hóng rén
Red Sox Team
紅襪隊 / 红袜队
hóng wà duì
Home run
全壘打 / 全垒打
quán lěi dǎ
To complete
Base in baseball
壘 / 垒
To hit
Red Sox home run
紅襪隊全壘打 / 红袜队全垒打
hóng wà duì quán lěi dǎ

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