305 Come With Me

If someone asks you to follow them, would you be nervous or excited? ShaoLan tells the story of the sense of dread she would feel when a teacher at school asked her to “come with me” because it usually meant she was in trouble! Jesse Edbrooke tells the story of how his friend in Taiwan used part of this same phrase to challenge him to a table-tennis match! ShaoLan and Jesse then continue to take the phrase apart and show how the components can be rearranged and mixed with a few other words to enable you to use in a whole host of different situations, including “learn Chinese with me!”

The way to say “follow me” or “to come with me” in Chinese, is 跟我來/跟我来. The first word 跟 means “to follow with,” the second one 我 is “me” and the final character 來/来 is “come,” “to come and follow me with” 跟我來/跟我来!

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Come with me
跟我來 / 跟我来
gēn wǒ lái
To follow with, to go with
I, me
To come
來 / 来
You come with me.
你跟我來 / 你跟我来
nǐ gēn wǒ lái
Learn with me
跟我學 / 跟我学
gēn wǒ xué
Learn something from you
跟你學 / 跟你学
gēn nǐ xué
Learn to sing with you
跟你學唱歌 / 跟你学唱歌
gēn nǐ xué chàng gē
Learn to play guitar with you
跟你學彈吉他 / 跟你学弹吉他
gēn nǐ xué tán jí tā
Come home with me
gēn wǒ huí jiā
Learn something from him
跟他學 / 跟他学
gēn tā xué
Learn English from you
跟你學英文 / 跟你学英文
gēn nǐ xué yīng wén

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