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Jennifer Pahlka is the founder and executive director of “Code for America” but on top of that, also raises free-range chickens for their eggs! She talks about the experience of raising little chicks alongside her young daughter, where one particular chicken was so much like a pet that it would peck the door in order to be let in to watch TV with her daughter together! ShaoLan teaches Jennifer the Chinese word for “chicken” and “egg” (which came first?) and also some other words relating to chickens, including the way to say “free range chicken” in Chinese.

In Chinese, the word for “chicken” is 雞/鸡, the word for “egg” is 蛋. We will let you decide which came first!

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雞 / 鸡
母雞 / 母鸡
mǔ jī
Mother, female
公雞 / 公鸡
gōng jī
Chicken egg
雞蛋 / 鸡蛋
jī dàn
小雞 / 小鸡
xiǎo jī
Free-range chicken
土雞 / 土鸡
tǔ jī

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