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Entrepreneur and best-selling author, Anthony Tjan, calls in to talk with ShaoLan about his book called “Good People,” so naturally ShaoLan takes the chance to teach the Chinese words for “good people.” As an immigrant from Indonesia to Taiwan and then on to Canada, the inspiration for Anthony’s book came from the people who helped his family as they moved from place to place. He describes how people, particularly leaders, need to be leaders of good character, not just good competence. He goes even further to suggest that brands and companies that have a culture of good character are the ones that will survive and thrive long-term. As a bonus, ShaoLan teaches the Chinese for “really good person” and or course for “bad person” or “villain” as well!

The way to say “good person” or “good people” in Chinese is 好人. The first character means “good” and is the same as the character in “hello” 你好, while the second character, 人, means person. So it’s quite a clear direct translation “good person” 好人.

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Good people
hǎo rén
Person, people
Goodness, kind-hearted
shàn liáng
Am, are, is
All-round good guy
dà hǎo rén
壞人 / 坏人
huài rén
Super bad guy
大壞人 / 大坏人
dà huài rén

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