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How many people do you think are in prison in the USA? Adam Foss is a former prosecutor and president of “Prosecutor Impact.” He actually only entered law school because he didn’t really know what to do to further his career and decided to give law a try, but after years as a prosecutor, he is now working for prosecutorial reform, looking to try to make sure that each criminal case can be viewed in an individual way, in order to bring about the most “just” decision according to the circumstances. Interestingly, he feels that sometimes the main obstacle to prosecutorial reform is public opinion not usually favoring the use of time and resources on trying to reform people who are not viewed as “deserving” a second chance. ShaoLan teaches Adam the Chinese words for all different kinds of law, as well as for some of the different roles in the courtroom.

The word for law in Chinese is 法律. In this case, the first character 法 means “rule” or “method” and 律 means “to regulate” or “control.” Together the characters mean “law” 法律.

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fǎ lǜ
Law, rule, method
Law, regulation, to discipline
Civil law
mín fǎ
Criminal law
xíng fǎ
憲法 / 宪法
xiàn fǎ
Judge, law official
fǎ guān
Lawyer, prosecutor
律師 / 律师
lǜ shī
師 / 师
大律師 / 大律师
dà lǜ shī

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