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Is a comfortable night‘s sleep something that you feel is a luxury or a necessity? ShaoLan teaches Stef Roberts the Chinese word for “bed” and they go on to discuss different kinds of beds, from the bamboo bed that ShaoLan‘s grandmother used to sleep on, to Stef’s preferred bed, the hammock! That’s right, even as a young professional animator, Stef lives in the forest, where he pitches a hammock each night to sleep in. He shares some of his most interesting experiences sleeping in the forest, such as meeting wild boar, as well as what it‘s like to be sleeping in the forest during a thunderstorm!

The Chinese word for “bed” is 床. This character can describe any kind of bed, so just add particular characters in front of this word to differentiate specific types of bed.

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Nomadic lifestyle experiment

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Wooden bed
mù chuáng
diào chuáng
睡覺 / 睡觉
shuì jiào
I sleep on the hammock.
wǒ shuì zài diào chuáng
Sleep on the bed
shuì zài chuáng shàng

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