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What is your favorite animal? Do you think you share any characteristics with a particular animal? According to the Chinese zodiac, everyone is born in the year of a particular animal, which operates on a twelve-year cycle, and each animal will represent certain characteristics that people born in that year are said to possess. ShaoLan was born in the year of the pig, an animal that represents diligence and intelligence! Which year were you born in? On the theme of pigs, Kara Dyer, the founder of Storytime Toys, tells the story of the three little pigs and then goes on to learn the Chinese words for various kinds of pigs, including large wild boar all the way down to the words for the three little pigs themselves!

The word for “pig” in Chinese is 豬/猪.

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豬 / 猪
山豬 / 山猪
shān zhū
Big pig
大豬 / 大猪
dà zhū
Small pig, piglet
小豬 / 小猪
xiǎo zhū
A big pig gives birth to a small pig
大豬生小豬 / 大猪生小猪
dà zhū shēng xiǎo zhū
To give birth
Three pigs
三隻小豬 / 三只小猪
sān zhī xiǎo zhū
Measure word for animals
隻 / 只

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