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Matteo Berlucchi is someone very important who drops into the Chineasy studio to talk about something important. His new venture, Your.MD is aiming to give accurate, trustworthy, personalized health information to everyone in the world, on demand at any time, all for free. This is a mission that can definitely be described as important, so ShaoLan teaches Matteo the Chinese for “important.” On the subject of healthcare, ShaoLan explains that in many ways, traditional Chinese medicine has similar aims to Your.MD because the focus is much more on helping people to prevent disease as opposed to simply treating symptoms.

The word for “important” in Chinese is 重要. The first character means “heavy” and the second character means “to want” or “essential.” The heavy thing that needs to be done is “important” 重要.

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zhòng yào
Essential, to want
Very important
hǎo zhòng yào
Take care
bǎo zhòng
To pay attention to
zhù zhòng
Not important
bù zhòng yào
Blocked nose
bí sāi

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