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Tom Ilube, the CEO of Crossword Cyber Security is also the chair of governors at Ada, the UK’s National College of Digital Studies. He shares some of his fascinating family story which led his father from a military background in Africa, to education in the UK and changed the whole direction of their family history. ShaoLan and Tom discuss some of the differences between Chinese education styles and British education styles and lessons that can be learned by both, from each other! Of course, it would be impossible to talk about education and not mention the most famous Chinese educator of all time, Confucius!

In Chinese, the word for Education is 教育, which is made up of 教 which is the verb “to teach” and 育 which means “to nurture,” so “to teach and nurture” means “education.”

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technology entrepreneur and educational philanthropist

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jiào yù
To educate
To nurture
jiào yù jiā

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