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Compliments can be a bit complicated in Chinese culture, particularly compliments about one’s appearance! Josh and ShaoLan discuss the word “pretty,” the contexts and situations in which it is appropriate to use it and how to respond in a polite way. They also talk about the difference between something that has enduring beauty, something that is pretty in a particular moment and the ways these different Chinese words can be used well. Finally, learn how to charm girls with a top tip from ShaoLan!

The way to say “pretty” in Chinese is 漂亮. The first character 漂 means “to float,” “elegant” or “polish,” the second character 亮, means “bright” or “light” or “bright light.” So something that is elegant, shining, glowing, is “pretty” 漂亮.

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piào liàng
To float, elegant
You're so pretty.
nǐ hǎo piào liàng
I am not pretty.
wǒ bù piào liàng
hǎo měi
To like looking attractive
愛漂亮 / 爱漂亮
ài piào liàng
She likes to look nice and pretty.
她愛漂亮 / 她爱漂亮
tā ài piào liàng
Do you like to dress up nicely?
你愛漂亮嗎? / 你爱漂亮吗?
nǐ ài piào liàng ma

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