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Plamen Russev is chairman of the global Webit conference, speaker and writer! What started as something all about the web and IT, has become something that is now all about people. Plamen describes how the organisation has transformed over the last ten years, expanding to work in countries around the world including, India, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey and many others, holding five regional conferences per year and looking, in particular, to help empower policy makers through the use of technology and the sharing of information and education.

The Chinese word for “digital” is 數位/数位, where 數/数 is the verb “to count” or “maths” and 位 is like a “digit” or “position,” so together they make up the word 數位/数位, “digital.”

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數位 / 数位
shù wèi
數 / 数
Number of people
人數 / 人数
rén shù
Person, people
How many people?
多少人數 / 多少人数
duō shǎo rén shù
How many, how much
duō shǎo
多數 / 多数
duō shù
少數 / 少数
shǎo shù
數學 / 数学
shù xué
數學家 / 数学家
shù xué jiā

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