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Tony Curzon Price, writer, economist and kite-board inventor, talks with ShaoLan about an organization called “Open Democracy” that he was involved with for many years. Open Democracy were one of the first groups to bring political discussions online, but in a curated way, looking to preserve the relationship between the author and the editor, believing that the best work almost always comes from having someone on the other side of the table from you who pushes back “against” your own ideas, forcing you to refine them. Tony goes on to learn the Chinese word for “open” with many different variations.

The Chinese word “to open” is 開/开, which can have other words added afterwards to represent different kinds of opening movements, such as “opening a door” 開門/开门 or “turning on a light” 開燈/开灯.

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Economic Advisor to the Secretary of State

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開 / 开
開放 / 开放
kāi fàng
Open the door
開門 / 开门
kāi mén
To turn on the light
開燈 / 开灯
kāi dēng
To drive a car
開車 / 开车
kāi chē
To turn off, close
關 / 关
Close the door
關門 / 关门
guān mén

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