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How many people around the world speak English? Josh from Transition and ShaoLan discuss not just how to say the word “English” in Chinese, but also about how many different kinds of English there are in the world. Which type of English is the most correct? According to Josh, which kind of English has the coolest accent? ShaoLan also teaches some useful extras such as how to describe a teacher of a particular language or taking a language class.

The word in Chinese for English is 英文, where  is simply a phonetic translation to represent “England,” and then  means “literature” or “language,” so together “England’s language” means “English.”

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yīng wén
American English
měi shì yīng wén
British English
yīng shì yīng wén
English teacher
英文老師 / 英文老师
yīng wén lǎo shī
課 / 课
English class
英文課 / 英文课
yīng wén kè

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