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Hospital is usually a place that we want to avoid in life, but if you do need to go there, it’s important to know how to say the word. Josh from Transition, needs to go to the hospital regularly at the moment, but it is for a positive reason because his wife is pregnant! After congratulations from ShaoLan, she goes on to describe different kinds of doctors and treatments, including the difference between western medical treatment and traditional Chinese medical treatment, both of which are commonly available and often practiced in a complementary fashion in Asia.

The Chinese word for hospital is 醫院/医院, where the first character 醫/医 is made up of a groaning patient and alcohol and means “to treat” or “to heal” and then  which means “place” or “courtyard.” The area where groaning patients are healed is the hospital, 醫院/医院!

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醫院 / 医院
yī yuàn
To treat
醫 / 医
醫生 / 医生
yī shēng
Go to hospital
去醫院 / 去医院
qù yī yuàn
See a doctor
看醫生 / 看医生
kàn yī shēng
Traditional Chinese medicine
中醫 / 中医
zhōng yī
Western medicine
西醫 / 西医
xī yī
牙醫 / 牙医
yá yī
Go to dentist
去看牙醫 / 去看牙医
qù kàn yá yī

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