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Scandinavian pop star, singer-songwriter and Harvard University student Ida Paul talks with ShaoLan about the inspiration behind her new album (which has been in the top 20 on Spotify’s charts) and discusses some of her upcoming plans, which include touring in Finland and the USA. She also learns the Chinese word for “gig” or “concert” and then moves on to even learn how to encourage people to come to her gigs (useful for promotion)!

The Chinese word for “gig” or “concert” is 演唱會/演唱会 which is very logical when broken down.  means “performance,”  is the verb “to sing” and 會/会 is the word for “meeting” or “gathering” so the gathering at the singing performance is the 演唱會/演唱会 “concert.”

Learn With Ida Paul

Singer/songwriter from Espoo, Finland

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演唱會 / 演唱会
yǎn chàng huì
To perform
To sing
會 / 会
演員 / 演员
yǎn yuán
Male actor
男演員 / 男演员
nán yǎn yuán
Female actor
女演員 / 女演员
nǚ yǎn yuán
gē shǒu
I am a singer.
wǒ shì gē shǒu
I am an actor.
我是演員 / 我是演员
wǒ shì yǎn yuán
I am an actor and a singer as well.
我是演員,也是歌手 / 我是演员,也是歌手
wǒ shì yǎn yuán, yě shì gē shǒu
Come to my gig
來我的演唱會 / 来我的演唱会
lái wǒ de yǎn chàng huì
Sing a song
chàng gē
I am a singer and I sing.
wǒ shì gē shǒu, wǒ chàng gē

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