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Ralph Simon, the chief executive of Mobillion Global joins ShaoLan in the studio to talk about mobile phones, the development of them and how new hardware and software can begin to change the way people live for the better. Also, do you know which mobile company has the highest number of subscribers in the world? 

The Chinese word for mobile is 移動/移动. The word  means “to move” or “to shift” and represents grain moving in the wind, while 動/动 is made up of  which means “heavy” and  which means “power,” so together “the power to move something heavy” is 動/动, or simply “to move.” The words together “移動/移动” can simply mean “to move” but has also come to mean “mobile.”

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Father of the ring tone

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移動 / 移动
yí dòng
shǒu tí
Mobile phone
手機 / 手机
shǒu jī
中國 / 中国
zhōng guó
China Mobile
中國移動 / 中国移动
zhōng guó yí dòng
The best
zuì hǎo

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