139 Good Mood

ShaoLan talks to Rachel Kelly, the author of “The Happy Kitchen – Good Mood Food” about why she wrote the book and how eating really does make a big difference to not just your mood, but also at a deeper level, your mental health! Listen in to find out which foods really are best for your mood and mental health and how new research is once again proving the usefulness of ancient Chinese tradition! 

The word for mood is 心情 which is made up of the word for heart and the word for feeling , so 心情 is the “feeling of the heart” or your “mood.” When we add to the end we get “good mood” 心情好

Learn With Rachel Kelly

Writer, Mental Health Campaigner and Public Speaker

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Good mood
xīn qíng hǎo
xīn qíng
Bad mood
xīn qíng bù hǎo

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