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The economy affects almost every area of our lives and who better to learn the Chinese word for the economy than world leading economist and author of “The second machine age,” Erik Brynjolfsson.

To describe a person who is an expert in a specific field, such as economist, it’s easy! Add a word 家 (jiā) after the study of a subject. For example, an economist is 經濟學家 / 经济学家 (jīng jì xué jiā) with the study of economy 經濟學 / 经济学 (jīng jì xué) in the front.

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Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Professor at MIT Sloan School, and Research Associate at NBER

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經濟 / 经济
jīng jì
To endure, to go through, to undergo
經 / 经
To aid, to relieve
濟 / 济
The study of economy
經濟學 / 经济学
jīng jì xué
經濟學家 / 经济学家
jīng jì xué jiā
World, globe
shì jiè
The world economy
世界經濟 / 世界经济
shì jiè jīng jì

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