104 Sweet Dreams

Lucid dreaming specialist learns how to wish someone “sweet dreams” in Chinese.

ShaoLan shares more formal and less formal ways of saying “sweet dreams” and which situation it will be appropriate in. Find out why Charlie Morley recommends taking a nap when you’re busy.

Remember how to say “dreaming” and “daydreaming?” Review Dreaming episode!

祝 (zhù) means “to wish.” This character comprises the radicals “礻” (god) “口” (mouth) and “儿” (son). People voice their wishes to God. 

好 (hǎo) means “good.”

梦/夢 (mèng)”dream.” This character includes “夕” (sunset) and two 木 (trees). The trees look like two eyes wide open—implying a state of heightened awareness while one dreams.

祝好梦 (zhù hǎo mèng) = sweet dreams

Wish you have a sweet dream tonight!

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Lucid dreaming teacher. Tibetan Buddhist practitioner.

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Sweet dreams
好夢 / 好梦
hǎo mèng
夢 / 梦
Another way to say "sweet dreams"
美夢 / 美梦
měi mèng
Wish you sweet dreams.
祝好夢 / 祝好梦
zhù hǎo mèng
白日夢 / 白日梦
bái rì mèng
Lucid dream
清醒夢 / 清醒梦
qīng xǐng mèng
Another way to say "lucid dream"
清明夢 / 清明梦
qīng míng mèng
Wide awake
Lucid dream teacher
清醒夢老師 / 清醒梦老师
qīng xǐng mèng lǎo shī

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