102 Chinese Literature

Chinese culture is steeped in history, going back thousands of years. The written form of the language even originated from pictograms. ShaoLan and Transition drummer Josh discuss the word for “Chinese literature.”

文學 / 文学 (wén xué) means literature.

Review some related episodes about China, Chinese, school, names of countries (China, America, England, France and Germany) and degree.


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Chinese literature
中國文學 / 中国文学
zhōng guó wén xué
zhōng wén
中國 / 中国
zhōng guó
文學 / 文学
wén xué
學校 / 学校
xué xiào
學生 / 学生
xué shēng
English literature
英國文學 / 英国文学
yīng guó wén xué
American literature
美國文學 / 美国文学
měi guó wén xué

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