098 Too Much Trouble

Can’t be bothered to learn Chinese today? Learn how to say “too much trouble” in Chinese with ShaoLan and Transition’s Jesse. A colloquial phrase that will make you sound like a native speaker in no time!

煩/烦 (fán) means annoying.

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Too much trouble
麻煩 / 麻烦
má fán
Deep trouble
大麻煩 / 大麻烦
dà má fán
Cheeky monkey
小麻煩 / 小麻烦
xiǎo má fán
Excuse me, can I trouble you with something?
麻煩你 / 麻烦你
má fán nǐ
So annoyed
好煩 / 好烦
hǎo fán
Don't bother me.
不要煩我 / 不要烦我
bú yào fán wǒ
Looking for trouble against me
找我麻煩 / 找我麻烦
zhǎo wǒ má fán
Looking for trouble against you
找你麻煩 / 找你麻烦
zhǎo nǐ má fán

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