097 Lucky

What do you think about luck? In this episode, Talk Chineasy invited David Agus, one of the world’s leading cancer doctor and author of the New York Times bestselling book “A Short Guide to a Long Life.” David shares about technology breakthroughs in the field of medicine in regards to cancer and also learns with ShaoLan how to say “luck” in Chinese.

運 / 运 (yùn) itself means “fortune”, or in some other context, “to transport”

好運 / 好运 (hǎo yùn) means “good luck” because of positive word 好 (hǎo). On the other hand, you can describe “bad luck” by saying 壞運 / 坏运 (huài yùn).

ShaoLan and David invite the listeners to make your own luck and share tips to stay healthy in the long term!

Learn With David B. Agus

An international leader in new technologies and approaches for personalized healthcare

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好運 / 好运
hǎo yùn
To transport, fortune
運 / 运
Bad luck
壞運 / 坏运
huài yùn
幸運 / 幸运
xìng yùn

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