084 Sound Recording

Transition’s Jesse has recorded numerous albums in English and Chinese, but the word for “sound recording” in Chinese has always been a challenge. ShaoLan teaches him how to pronounce the word and its tones perfectly!

There is slightly difference of pronunciation among 錄音 / 录音 (lù yīn), 錄影 / 录影 (lù yǐng) and 露營 / 露营 (lù yíng). Can you differentiate the tones differences now?

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Sound recording
錄音 / 录音
lù yīn
To record the image, filming
錄影 / 录影
lù yǐng
露營 / 露营
lù yíng
In the middle of recording
錄音中 / 录音中
lù yīn zhōng
In the middle of a meeting
開會中 / 开会中
kāi huì zhōng

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