082 Music

Shakespeare once said: “If music be the food of love, play on!”

In this episode, Jesse from Transition it put through his paces by ShaoLan. They discuss about their love of music. Find out what instrument ShaoLan had played when she was little.

Bonus phrases in this episode include “to make music,” “concert hall,” “to listen to music,” and “musician” and so on.

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音樂 / 音乐
yīn yuè
To make music
做音樂 / 做音乐
zuò yīn yuè
音樂人 / 音乐人
yīn yuè rén
To listen to the music
聽音樂 / 听音乐
tīng yīn yuè
Concert hall
音樂厅 / 音乐厅
yīn yuè tīng
音樂會 / 音乐会
yīn yuè huì
zào yīn
古箏 / 古筝
gǔ zhēng

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