078 Platform

In ancient China, platforms are balconies where the poetic artists look up at the moon! Romantic, right?

平台 (píng tái) is a resting place where you might watch a performer, or look out at the scenery.

Nowadays, platforms are an online space for people to do business and communicate digitally. In this episode, ShaoLan is joined by world leading economist Andrew Mcfee. Learn both the literal translation of platforms and how it is used in technological terms today. In the conversation, they also explore ways in which different kinds of platforms are shaping the world we live in.

Learn more bonus words in this episode! For example, another word: 月台 (yuè tái) are physical platforms you would see at train stations where you get on or off the train. As you might have guessed from the word 月 (yuè) this is the type of platforms that used to be for moon-watching!

Learn With Andrew McAfee

Study how digital technologies are changing business, the economy, and society

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píng tái
Platform as at a train station where you get on or off the train
yuè tái
產品 / 产品
chǎn pǐn

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