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How do you let your friend know that you recently “liked” their social media post? In this episode, ShaoLan welcomes special guest Erick Tseng, Product Direct of Facebook to teach you how to say “Facebook Like” in Chinese. 按讚/按赞 (àn zàn) is the actual motion of “clicking like” on Facebook. Discover how the Chinese word for “Like” has evolved and how to use them in different situations.

In this lesson, you can also learn how to say “share” 分享 in Chinese. Next time when you come across a cute animal post, after saying “so cute,” you can 分享 (fēn xiǎng) with your friends.

For fun, Erick shares with us which pictures on Facebook have received the most Likes ever!

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Facebook Like
按讚 / 按赞
àn zàn
To praise, to like
讚 / 赞
péng yǒu
fēn xiǎng

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