062 Fly A Plane

Have you ever flown a plane? In today’s episode of Talk Chineasy, join ShaoLan and leading health expert and entrepreneur Daniel Kraft to talk about flying. Daniel learned to fly an airplane in his first year of college and was interested in planes and new technology ever since.

飛機/飞机 (fēi jī) literally translates to “flying machine” in Chinese.

開飛機/开飞机 (kāi fēi jī) is the “act of flying a plane.”

Expanding on his field of expertise, Daniel also talks about how flying and aviation can be applied to medicine. In this lesson, learn interesting facts about flying a plane with Daniel, while ShaoLan teaches you other flight-related words.

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Fly A Plane
開飛機 / 开飞机
kāi fēi jī
To get on the airplane
上飛機 / 上飞机
shàng fēi jī
To get off the airplane
下飛機 / 下飞机
xià fēi jī
ups and downs
shàng xià

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