061 So Cute

Have you ever heard a Chinese speaking friend gush the phrase “so cute?” This common phrase between native Chinese speakers is aligned with the Asian culture of appreciating cute things. In this episode, entrepreneur Josh Weinstein joins ShaoLan in learning how to say “so cute” in Chinese.

可愛/可爱 (kě ài) means “loveable” or “cute” in Chinese. 好 (hǎo) means “so” or “very” that can be used to modify the word 可愛/可爱 and make a new phrase – so cute 好可愛/好可爱 (hǎo kě ài).

In addition, do you want to express other types of endearment to your friends and family? Learn how to say “I love you” in Chinese!


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So cute
好可愛 / 好可爱
hǎo kě ài
Not cute
不可愛 / 不可爱
bù kě ài
Poor thing
好可憐 / 好可怜
hǎo kě lián
You are so cute
你好可愛 / 你好可爱
nǐ hǎo kě ài
Not a poor thing
不可憐 / 不可怜
bù kě lián

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