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Would you practice your Chinese with a robot? Special guest Luis von Ahn is an entrepreneur and founder of Duolingo. Both he and ShaoLan are experts on learning foreign languages. In this episode, Luis von Ahn joins ShaoLan in discussing how the future of language learning is quickly becoming a reality. ShaoLan also teaches you how to say “Chatbot” in Chinese.

聊天 (liáo tiān) means “to chat.”

聊天機器人/聊天机器人 (liáo tiān jī qì rén) combines the word 機器人/机器人 (jī qì rén) which means “robot.”

Technology such as Chabot is becoming revolutionary for learning languages, even Chinese. Look out for future innovation that makes learning Chinese easier!

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聊天機器人 / 聊天机器人
liáo tiān jī qì rén
To chat
liáo tiān
機器 / 机器
jī qì
機器人 / 机器人
jī qì rén

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