055 Dreaming

Do you dream often? What about daydreaming? In this episode, ShaoLan teaches you how to say “dreaming” in Chinese. Special guest Josh Weinstein calls in from New York to share his story about learning Chinese, and how he even dreams about it in his sleep!

做夢/做梦 (zuò mèng) means “to dream.”

Be careful about different tones when saying this sentence. When you express it too harshly, you are actually saying “in your dreams!” which has a rude implication!

Learn how to say “sleep” in Chinese in our previous episode with Arianna Huffington.

Learn With Josh Weinstein

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做夢 / 做梦
zuò mèng
白日夢 / 白日梦
bái rì mèng
To daydream
zuò bái rì mèng

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